Asaran Earth Trio

in association with Common Ground Concerts

Asaran Earth Trio

Saturday November 4, 8:00 PM

South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry

A concert celebrating the release of debut album:

Why Should Your Heart Not Dance?

Judiciously experimental, with easy grace in jazz, choral and folk, the musicians pick up the beat when they pass around handmade, upcycled instruments and invite listeners to join in.

Please do!

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 Some places, in their stark beauty, or in their verdant abundance,  speak, as if they had a voice and words all their own. They defy language barriers, coalesce into song, and beg the question:

Why Should Your Heart Not Dance?   

Asaran Earth Trio poses this query to listeners, choosing the title for a collection of songs that evoke the earth’s profusion of voices. Featuring Astrid Kuljanic from Croatia, Artemisz Polonyi from Hungary, and Anne Boccato from Brazil, the New York based group leaps between wild improvisation and crafted counterpoint, between salty flirtation and slow laments. RiverArts and Common Ground are honored to celebrate the release of this debut album.

“My goal in life is to write things that groove, even when those things are very complex. It has to feel good,” laughs Brazilian-born singer and percussionist Boccato. She invited the two women vocalists, one with an earthy resonant alto and the other with crystal-clear high notes, to blend the best musical traditions of their respective homelands. Astrid came from the Italian-influenced region of Kvarner at the western edge of Croatia, and Artemisz Polonyi from Budapest, Hungary. The chemistry was instant. Their close harmonies and intermingled rhythms have caused groups of strangers to break out in song, to cry, dance and laugh.

Why Should Your Heart Not Dance? 

(release date: November 3, 2017)

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