Thank you for your interest in the RiverArts Music Scholarship Program. We recognize that for some the cost of private music lessons can be prohibitive. We would like to be able to offer music lessons to any deserving and enthusiastic student.

We are pleased to be able to offer scholarships for each semester. The amount of scholarship money available in any particular year is based upon donations to the scholarship fund.

Scholarships are awarded according to need based criteria, with preference given to those families who might not otherwise be able to afford music lessons. The size of each scholarship awarded will be determined based on the amount of scholarship funds available, and the relative need of the family. The enclosed one page scholarship application form is designed to help the scholarship committee make these determinations.

Next Steps

If you have not already done so, please register for the program, see registration button at right. You can submit the form online or print it out and mail it to us.


All information in the application is held in the strictest confidence. The Music Program Director is the only one who will see the completed applications. Personally identifiable information will be deleted before members of the scholarship committee view it. This will help ensure that scholarships are awarded in a fair and equitable manner.

The committee will meet just before the start of each semester to award the first round of scholarships. After that first meeting, if scholarship money remains, they will meet as additional applications are submitted.

Scholarships for students applying for the first time will be awarded solely based upon need. Criteria for returning scholarship students will also include an informal review of the student’s progress during the previous semester as well as his/her commitment to music lessons and practicing on a regular basis.

We hope that through this process we will be able to make your child’s desire for music lessons a financial possibility for your family. Thank you for your interest and your scholarship application.

If you have any questions about the Music Program or the scholarship process, do not hesitate to contact the Executive Director:

Doug Coe


Click here for our online Scholarship application.