A Circuitry of Influence: The Riverrun Poetry Seminar

Three Frequency Geodesic Sphere,  Buckminster Fuller.  Stanford University Library.

February – July 2017
Monthly every second Thursday from 7-9pm
February 9th through July 13th

Riverrun Bookshop
12 Washington Avenue

Six sessions $295

RiverArts in association with Riverrun Bookshop is pleased to present a seminar with poet and essayist Kristin Prevallet [more info below]. Tom Lecky, proprietor of Riverrun, will host [more info below]. Inspired by Riverrun’s expansive collection of Black Mountain School poets and artists, this monthly salon will be devoted to six books by contemporary poets who carry the Black Mountain spirit of poetry as a constellation of language practices that are central to human understanding.

No prior experience with poetry is necessary. Anyone interested (including visual artists, business people, scientists, students, and life explorers) is welcome.

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This is an excellent workshop for anyone looking to enliven their creative practice and appreciation for art and writing in a deep and exploratory way. Each month, we will begin by reading excerpts from the selected book and corresponding essay out loud in order to allow the writer’s language, formal choices, and particular musical/sonic quality to resonate. Some context to the poet will be provided to define or locate a reference.

The instructor will then offer a series of prompts designed to inspire participants to write with an unstructured and open mind, one that will enliven poetic form and play.

This is not a lecture-based workshop, nor is it a formal writing workshop. We will not be spending excessive amounts of time on close -reading, or on critiquing each other’s writing. Rather, we will be using the texts as points of entry, doorways to what Fanny Howe calls calls poetry’s “coming into existence” to enliven our minds, expand our critical reach, and think about the world from a new perspective.

In the Fall, we will have a celebratory reading [optional] where each participant may choose one or two pieces inspired by the workshop to share with the larger community. We will be joined at this event by a surprise guest poet.

The six books for the six months will be:

  • Trilogy by H.D. and “The Human Universe” by Robert Duncan.
  • This Great Unknowing by Denise Levertov and “Some Notes on Organic Form” by Denise Levertov
  • Life & Death by Robert Creeley and “Projective Verse” by Charles Olson.
  • Gunslinger by Ed Dorn and “Kali Yuga Poetics” by Anne Waldman
  • Transbluesency by Amiri Baraka and “Outsider Ecopoetics” by Tyrone Williams
  • Violet Energy Ingots by Hoa Nguyen and “Bewilderment” by Fanny Howe

Books are not included, and are available from Galapagos Books.

Thank you for supporting your local, independent bookstores!!

Cost: $295 for all six salons.

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About the poet:

Kristin Prevallet received a M.A. in Poetics from the University of Buffalo where she studied with Robert Creeley, Charles Bernstein, and Susan Howe. She catalogued the papers of Helen Adam, godmother of the Beat Generation, and edited the definitive volume of Adam’s work, A Helen Adam reader (National Poetry Foundation, 2007). She is the author of five books of cross-genre poetics and has been a writer-in-residence for Naropa University’s summer writing program, Spalding University’s BFA program, and the Centre Internationale de Poesie, to name a few. She currently teaches for Bard College’s Prison Initiative (BPI) and the Institute for Writing and Thinking. She lives in Hastings-on-Hudson where she maintains a private hypnotherapy practice, and teaches workshops on Trance Poetics and Mindbody Healing.

Tom Lecky, proprietor
12 Washington Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson NY 10706
(914) 478-1339

Prior to taking over RIVERRUN, Tom Lecky was Head of the Printed Books & Manuscripts Department at Christie’s auction house in New York, and a Senior Vice President there. As a former head of department in a major auction house, however, Tom has broad knowledge in all fields of books and manuscripts, from Homer to Harry Potter. Tom has worked on some of the most significant collections to come to auction in the last 25 years: prime among them are the auctions of the Kenneth Nebenzahl and Frank S. Streeter libraries of important Americana, navigation & voyages, and the Richard Green Library of Important Scientific Books.