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Many RiverArts events are free and all are open to the public. Our programs and exhibitions reach more than 15,000 people annually.

RiverArts education and outreach provide professional arts instruction to 500 children throughout the year. In our schools, RiverArts delivers and supports art in the curriculum.

Scholarship funds create educational opportunity for children who would otherwise not be able to develop their interest and ability in art.

Your contribution is a commitment of support that is crucial in helping RiverArts attract additional arts funding from government and private sources.

RiverArts events and programs are made possible by member support.

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All Members Receive

Discounts to selected events and to educational programs
Notification of events including mailings and email
Donor level members and sponsors also receive acknowledgement in program materials and/or on website unless otherwise requested

Matching Gifts Program

Please ask your employer for their matching gift applications to automatically increase your level of support and benefits to RiverArts.

Volunteer with us.

We pool our effort and diverse abilities to create venues for internationally known artists, beginning artists and students, and spontaneous happenings. RiverArts carries on a half century tradition of volunteerism inspired by a belief in the power of art to express, transform and bring joy to our shared human experience. Give a little of your time and meet people who share your enthusiasm! Please email us here.

Thank you for your support of free public arts events and programs. Welcome to RiverArts!

Membership Options

All Memberships run Oct 1 thru Sept 30
Dual/Family | $50
Individual/Artist/Senior/Student | $35
Supporter | $100
Friend | $250
Partner | $500
Benefactor | $1000
Patron | $2500
Signature Event Sponsor | $5,000+

Please contact us to discuss your interests and arrange appropriate recognition at (914) 412-5120

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